Defer PG NEET 2022: Students on clash of date, details here

Defer PG NEET 2022: Students on clash of date

MUMBAI: Medical aspirants have demanded that the post-graduate NEET 2022 be postponed. To their surprise, the exam date was declared as March 12, 2022, in the middle of the PG NEET 2021 counselling.

PG NEET 2021 was conducted in September and the counselling has just started. Usually, the exam is conducted after a year’s gap. But because of the Covid pandemic, medical admissions are running late, and the 2021 batch is yet to understand where they stand with their score and only after counselling ends would they be making a choice on whether they should take PG NEET 2022.

Flummoxed by the decision to hold the exam in March, candidates asked, “How can anyone start the next session even before counselling of the previous session ends? How can a student attend NEET PG 2021 counselling and PG NEET 2022 exam on the same date that is March 12?”

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