Distressed PG students rebut KU claims on admissions

Distressed PG students rebut KU claims on admissions

More cases surface as varsity authorities await final details from HODs

Srinagar: Insha (name changed) travelled to the University of Kashmir (KU) from her native village in Bandipora to attend her PG classes in a language department where she had secured admission in October 2021.

After appearing in the postgraduate (PG) entrance examination and qualifying it, her joy of entering the university knew no bounds and she finally decided to stay at a rented accommodation adjacent to the university to avoid daily to-and-fro commuting, save time, and focus on her studies more and more.

However, Insha was shell-shocked after she came to know through newspaper reports that the university was contemplating canceling her admission after six months of attending her classes, owing to the shortage of mandatory 24 credits at the undergraduate (UG) level.

“We never knew anything about this credit thing. It has suddenly cropped up from nowhere. There was not even a single column or option in the online form submission system regarding the so-called credit thing. No doubt I am short of 24 credits, but why did the online system allow submission of my form in the first place?” said an aggrieved student, who made a distress call to Greater Kashmir Wednesday morning.

“I attended classes regularly for the last five months and I am scheduled to sit in the first-semester examination (batch 2021) in the OE and GE electives on March 25. What kind of justice is this? Why am I being punished for no fault of mine? Didn’t I pass the entrance examination? Why am I being projected as a backdoor entry?” she said, threatening to take some “extreme step” if her admission was cancelled by the varsity authorities.

“I have paid Rs 25,000 as semester fee. I am paying Rs 8000 per month as rent for my accommodation. Away from my family, I am in a distressing situation because of this threat of admission cancellation. Why is nobody listening to our pleas?” Insha said.

She is not the lone victim of the university’s botched-up admission process 2021, handled primarily by the Directorate of Admissions and Competitive Examinations with backend support of the Directorate of IT.

Her male counterpart, from a non-language department, also made a distress call to Greater Kashmir with the same plea.

“We are being forced to commit suicide. Six months after admission and attending classes, we are told about some credit system and cancellation of admission. We will be academically and socially doomed if any such step is taken by the university,” they said. “Why our documents and these credits were not checked by the university in the last six months? We have not seen any such notice issued to us (students) as on date?”

According to the aggrieved students, there are many more such cases (of students with fewer credits) in different departments including English, Arabic, Psychology, and IT contrary to the claims made by the university that “only 14 such cases were reported to it whose admission was cancelled three months ago”.

Many university teachers also question that if the admission matter was settled three months ago as per the university authorities, why fresh notices had been sent to their departments on furnishing the credit details of PG students six months after the admissions.

One such notice was received by them on Monday.

Dean Academic Affairs Prof Farooq Masoodi told Greater Kashmir that his office sought credit details of the students from departments and “we are expecting a response by Thursday to work out what’s the total number of such students”.

“We don’t expect it will be significant in number. It will be a small number. We are reconfirming it,” he said.

While the students complain that no option of credits was available in the online application forms, it has been revealed that the Directorate of Admissions KU had not informed the Directorate of IT&SS to make the changes in the online admission link.

“Any changes in the software have to be suggested to the IT Directorate, which is a support system, well in advance by the Directorate of Admissions or concerned Admission Advisory Committee,” Director IT, KU, Maroof Qadri said.

“This is to be followed by a preview of the said changes before being finally incorporated,” he said.

About the instant case, he said no such request was made to the IT Directorate.

“I have conveyed the same to the authorities in my report,” he said.

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