Govt issues fresh circular for Rehbar-e-Taleem (ReT) regularisation

Govt issues fresh circular for Rehbar-e-Taleem (ReT) regularisation

Teachers enrolled in list at time of closure of scheme be considered for regularisation

The J&K Government has come with a fresh circular on regularisation of the Rehbar-e-Taleem (ReT) teachers in the School Education Department (SED).

The move comes years after the government formally accorded sanction to formal closure of the ReT scheme and its recruitment process in November 2018.


The Principal Secretary SED Bishwajit Kumar Singh in a circular has instructed the director education Kashmir and Jammu division besides all Chief Education Officers that cases of those ReT teachers be considered for regularisation as per the norms whose names were enrolled in the list finalized by the directorate at the time of closure of the scheme.

The order was issued after the department observed that some of the ReT teachers have not been regularised as of now and their cases were pending in the offices of the concerned Chief Education Officer (CEO) and the respective directorates.

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“The respective directors shall certify that the ReT was enrolled in the list at the time of closure of the ReT scheme while considering their regularisation,” the circular reads.



It further states that the list of ReTs and Regularised ReTs submitted to the administrative department at the time of closure of ReT scheme should be published on the official website of respective directorates.

Earlier, the government had said the existing ReTs already appointed under the scheme or on ReT pattern will continue to be governed under the erstwhile scheme till their regularisation or otherwise.

The government had also notified that all the advertisement notices for engagement of ReT teachers or panels prepared where no engagements orders have been issued shall always be deemed to have been canceled or withdrawn as ab-initio.

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