UPDATE: 5 reasons IGNOU Admission Status 2022 not confirmed?

Many students who are interested in studying at distance education face difficulty in verifying their IGNOU admission status.

I know those who submitted the forms in December 2022 are awaiting ultimate confirmation. In the past, many session students struggled to get the application approval.

JKBOPEE Rank wise provisional merit list, admission notice

So what is the reason behind IGNOU application status not getting confirmed? Today I will guide my visitor on how to find out student details and make them verified.

If the portal shows confirmation, you need to follow the next step.

1. Print the ID card

2. Study material

How to find the IGNOU admission registration
For the recent session 2022, we can check from the official link.

· Type username and password

· Write the captcha verification code showing on the left side

· Click on the login button

· Click on my applications menu.

Make sure you don’t have any error on portal

This discrepancy raises a lot of questions. Why is my IGNOU admission not being confirmed?

IGNOU admission registration status by name and date of birth

Is it true we can check IGNOU admission application status by name and DOB?

Last year, one of my students asked me the same question, then I told him this facility is not available. You need a valid credential while checking registration status.

UPDATE: 5 reasons IGNOU Admission Status 2022 not confirmed?5 Reasons IGNOU admission status is showing pending.

Getting approval for an application is essential to the university. Did you receive a cancellation notice?

I am receiving emails and messages from new candidates about their application status. “My admission status is not confirmed”. I had paid my registration fees. Let’s check the reasons below.

Online copy of result: an online copy of the result is not a valid. Whenever you upload a net copy, you get an error on the admission dashboard. If you don’t have original documents, you can get them from the DIGILOCKER.

Non-recognized board: Don’t upload fake or non-recognized board certificates. Else University will reject your application.

BPP result: I am sorry to say that the course “IGNOU BPP” is currently unavailable.

Passing subjects–last year, I received a call from a new candidate. He informs me, “my IGNOU admission status is showing cancel” what happens with my application form?

I checked his documents from the ISC board and informed him he had passed only four papers and a minimum of five passing subjects required to apply for a degree course.

Don’t upload the mark sheet if you passed in only four subjects

Last but not least

Provisional certificate issue: A provisional certificate or original convocation certificate that is issued to students who have completed all the required coursework for a degree or certificate program, but it is required during application.

My experience with IGNOU admission status
During the lockdown, students of Calcutta University had only received a mark sheet, and they did not receive the provisional certificate from the university. Most of the candidates faced discrepancies in the portal.

Today, I am going to share an incident. Last year, I saw a student at Bikash Bhavan (Kolkata regional centre). He was quite tense (IGNOU Admission Status 2022 (.

My admission status is pending. There are a few students who have been admitted but their status is also showing discrepancy.

I asked for his details and saw that the documents were incomplete. The master’s degree course required some essential documents.

1. Graduation mark sheet

2. Original certificate / Degree certificate

But the student I met was carrying only a mark sheet—why his IGNOU online admission status was pending.

In the end, I advised him if you do not have the original degree certificate.

Then you need to collect your leaving certificate from the college in which you have completed your graduation.

Suppose your centre takes a long time to provide the documents. You can ask your college to provide you with a college leaving certificate.

IGNOU college leaving certificate
You can now take IGNOU new admission with a graduation mark sheet and college leaving certificate without paying extra.

This problem could also be with you.

1. Original Graduation certificate

2. Provisional certificate

3. College leaving certificate

The IGNOU registration status is pending. Officials are currently verifying the applications and will announce the registration status once the verification process is complete.

You can upload any documents from the above list. Management will confirm your IGNOU admission status, and no discrepancy will exist.

How to check the IGNOU Registration Status?
Most new candidates don’t know how to check IGNOU registration status. The student management dashboard is one of the best tools developed by a university. It helps us find registration details like subject code, study centre code, address, mobile, email, etc.

You find the validity of the course.

1. Enter the enrollment number

2. Select the program code

3. Enter Verification Code

4. Click on the submit button.

The unique link will allow you to find grade card details like assignment, project, practical, and term-end exam marks.

IGNOU Admission Status 2022  | IGNOU offers a variety of useful tools for students. You can use its dashboard to find specific materials.

1. Students score on Grade Card

2. TEE Result

3. Online course Material

4. Admit card

5. TMA Status

6. Exam Form Status

7. Previous year question paper

8. TE Assignment Question


10. Re-check

Do we need to check IGNOU registration details?
If you have applied for correction in the IGNOU student profile, it will be helpful—else no need to check regularly. A change in the portal will appear on the right side of the registration page. While submitting the assignment, don’t forget to print the student status page because the study centre can ask you

IGNOU Forget User Id
How can I recover If I forget the user id and password in the IGNOU admission login?

Don’t worry about the login credentials. You need to follow the steps to reset the username and password.

First, check your registered email. Your username and password will be there (if no, skip to other steps)

Click on forgot username >Enter your control number, and click on submit.

Click on the forgot password link on the homepage >Enter your username and click the submit button.

How to get IGNOU enrollment number
IGNOU is a distance education university. It has a unique enrollment number, which is 9 to 10 digits.

Check here the sample no-20024**** course BAG. You can find the student enrollment number on the Identity card.

What is the control number in IGNOU?
IGNOU control number is an identification number assigned by the admission division, examination division, to individual students. The control number is unique to each student and is used to identify the student in the system.

Note: You cannot check admission status by control number because the new Samarth portal is not providing this option.

How to cancel IGNOU admission Form?
Once your admission is confirmed you cannot apply for cancellation or refund, for more information about refund policy, I will recommend you to visit the official website.

FAQ- how many days does IGNOU take to confirm admission?
It depends on the course. If you have enrolled in a Bachelor’s degree course and your documents are ok, chances are within 7-10 days, you will get confirmation. Sometimes it takes more to confirm the application. If you resolve a discrepancy in your portal, your admission status may take ext

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