IGNOU June TEE 2022 date sheet: Check exam dates, Admit Card & other details

IGNOU June TEE 2022: The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) has announced the tentative exam dates for the June 2022 Term End Examination (TEE 2022). According to IGNOU, the June 2022 term end exam will be held for over a month starting from July 22. The June TEE 2022 exam will be concluded on September 5. The undergraduate (UG), and postgraduate (PG) exams, along with the exams for backlogs will be concluded on September 5.

IGNOU June TEE 2022: According to IGNOU, “this is a tentative date sheet. Portal for online submission of examination form for June 2022 term-end examination will be opened in due course.” The tentative exam schedule is available on the official website- ignou.ac.in.

Candidates cab check the detailed tentative June 2022 TEE date sheet here.

IGNOU June TEE 2022 date sheet: Check exam dates, Admit Card & other details

The IGNOU term-end (TEE 2022) exams for the following programmes- BDP/BTS/BCA/BSW/CCH/CLIS/CBS/ DVAPFV/ DDT/ DMT/ DPVCPO/ DWM/CBCS Based Bachelors and Honours Degree Programmes will be held in objective type (MCQ)/ OMR pattern.

IGNOU June TEE 2022 date sheet: Check exam dates, Admit Card & other details

IGNOU June TEE 2022: Exam Schedule

July 22- Morning (10- 1 PM)- MAW001/ DECE01/ BNS041/BPYC131/ BSOE144

Afternoon (2- 5 PM)- MTT033/ MMPC014/ MIO005/BECE002/ BHIC134

July 23- Morning (10- 1 PM)- ECO08/ BCOE108/ MFP04/DECE02/ BNS042/ MAW002/BMTE141 / BMTC131

Afternoon (2- 5 PM)- CHE06/ BPY012/ MTT031/BSOC134/ BHDE141

July 25- Morning (10- 1 PM)- ECO09/ MAW003/ DECE03/BESC131 / BESE141/

Afternoon (2- 5 PM)- MVA023/ MTT032/BEGC134/ BHDE143

July 26- Morning (10- 1 PM)- MAW004/BGDG172/ BEGG172/ BPAG172/ BPCG172 / BPYG172/

Afternoon (2- 5 PM)- BPSE212/ BPAG174/ BEGG174/ BPCG174/ BHDG174

July 27- Morning (10- 1 PM)- MER004/ TS06/ MTE08/ BECC132/BEGG171/ / BPAG171/ BPCG171/ BSOG171/ BABG171 /BPYG171

Afternoon ((2- 5 PM)- CHE04/ ESO14/ MVA020/ MMPC007/ MIO002/BPAG173/ BPCG173/ BHDG173/ BSOG173/ BEGG173

July 28- Morning (10- 1 PM)- FST01/BMTC132/ BPAS186/ BPCS188/ BEGS186/ BCOS186

Afternoon (2- 5 PM)- MMPC013/ MIO004/BPAC134/ BESC132/ BSOE145

July 29- Morning (10- 1 PM)- MCO01/ MHD07/ MPSE03/ MSOE03/ MEC007/ MLIE101/MGPE009/ MFN007/ MSWE010/ MES101/ MES111/ MES131/MES041/ MAE001/ MWG007/ MWG010/ MTT016/ MJM026/MS07/ MS495/ MED007/ MLI007/ MSEI023/ MIP107/MEVE002/ MEDS005/ BCS051/ MPYE006/ MWR002/RBC005/ RCHE001/ RGGE103/ RGYE114/AED01/ BEG006/ BES017/ BFEE103/ BHC015/ BHME103/BNS031/ BNS115/ BPOI005/ BPOI105/BWEE004/ DCE05/CIT002/ MGY001/ MIR012/ MSW031 / MVE004/ BNRI104/BPVI034/ BRL010/ES344/ BPVI044/ BPVI023/BHIC131/ BCOC133/ BGYCT133/ BTMC134/ BECC104/BHIC103/ BPSC103/ BECE146/ BPCC112/ BPSC114

Afternoon (2- 5 PM)- MEG07/ MPCE011/ MPCE021/ MPCE031/ MPA007/ MPA017/ MANE002/MRDE101/ MCFT007/ MSW014/ MDE416/ MTM07/ MTTM07/ MEVE14/MDV105/ MGSE002/ MMT006/ MSTE002/ MSD017/ MBP007/ MCS22/RANE102/RPCE105/RSOE004/AEC01/ BAB102/ / BSW042/ BSWE001/ MEV025/ TS07/ BSMA002/ OSEI044/BSSI015/BHT006/ ECO07/ BES142 /BPAC107/ BSOC107/ BANC108/ BBCCT115/ BEGC108/ BHDC108/ BPSC133/BGYCT137.

July 30- Morning (10- 1 PM)-MED002/ MPYE015/ MS23/ MS43/ MS53/ MS63/ MS494/MFP05/ MES046/ MEDSE015/ MHA013/ RST004/ /ACC01/ BWEF002/ BPVI028/ BPVI038/ MDC001/BEGE145

Afternoon (2- 5 PM)- MCS043/ TS01/ MVP004/ MCS214/ BLIE228/ ECO03/ PHE14/MNM011/ BTH001/ MER008 / BSM012 / MRW001/BHDAE182/ BEGAE182/ BPSE146

August 1- Morning (10- 1 PM)- MPSE013 / MSWE003/ MPYE014/ MS22/ MS42/ MS52/ MS62/MS425/ MES045/ MHA010/ MCO021/BNS106/ BPY007/ BWEE012/ BESE046/ CHE05/ CNCC01/BAPI007/BPSC131/ BGYCT131/ BCOE144/ BGGET141/ BECC114/BHIC112

Afternoon (2- 5 PM)- MEG16/ MTTM115/MTTM15/MTM15/ MMTE007/ MEDS044/ MCS042/MCS213/APM01/ BBHF/ BHDF101/ BPVI006/ BPVI015/ BLIE226/ BMAF001/ BSKF001/FAS01/ FBG01/ FEG02/ FGT01/ FKD01/ FML01/ FMT01/ FOR01/ FPB01/FTG01/ FTM01/ FUD01/ BSM008/BSOC108/ BANC110/ BEGC109/ BBCCT117/ BHDC109/ BPCC134/ BPSE141

August 2- Morning (10- 1 PM)- (MS26/ MS46/ MS56/ MS66/ MGPE08/ MHA019/RST001/ATR01/ JMC02/MSK006/BWA001/ MDC002/BPAC131/ BZYCT131/ BGYET141/ BTMG171/BECE141/BHIC113/ BPSC113/ BPAE141

Afternoon (2- 5) PM- MCSE003/ MSW010/ MCS220/ CHE10/ BSW122/ BPC002/ BSM010/MNM012/ BTHI004/BCOC135/ / BPCC107/ BPAC108/ BSOC109/ / BEGC110/ BHDC110/BMTC133/ BESE142.

August 3- Morning (10- 1 PM)- MPYE016/ MS24/ MS44/ MS54/ MS64/ MED008/ MES047/MHA014/ BNS107/ BPYE002/ MTE12/BHMCT103/ BHDC102/ BEGC102/ BBCCT103/ BSOC132/BGGET142/ BBCCT123/ BEGC112/ BHDC112/ BHMCT113/BSOE146

Afternoon (2- 5) PM- MCS051/ TS02/ MCS215/ BLIE229/ LSE05/ BPVI007/ BPVI016/BSMA003/EPS11/BSW124/BANC133/ BCOC136/ BCHCT135/ BTMC135/ BECC106/ BHIC107/ BPSC109/BPCC108.

The detail TEE exam schedule is available on the official website- ignou.ac.in, the candidates can check the course-wise exam dates through the official notification.

Candidates cab check the detailed tentative June 2022 TEE date sheet here.

IGNOU June TEE 2022: Meanwhile, IGNOU has started the re-registration process for the July 2022 session, the last date date to apply online is June 30.

IGNOU June TEE 2022 || IGNOU June TEE 2022 || IGNOU June TEE 2022

IGNOU June TEE 2022: Students can register online for admission to different undergraduate, postgraduate degree programmes, postgraduate certificate (PG certificate), postgraduate diploma (PGD), certificate and diploma programmes for the July 2022 session at online.igno.ac.in .

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