Investments in J&K will create 3-4 lakh jobs: CS

Investments in J&K will create 3-4 lakh jobs: CS

Srinagar: Chief Secretary, Dr Arun Kumar Mehta today said that in near future there will be a huge investment with several reputed industries coming up in the UT which will automatically create jobs for 3-4 lakh people.

Investments in J&K will create 3-4 lakh jobs: He said there is a need for skill gap analysis so that we can create highly skilled and employable youth for meeting the industry demand. He said that focus will be laid on a specialized training ecosystem to provide a job-ready workforce to the industry.

Investments in J&K will create 3-4 lakh jobs: CS said this while chairing a meeting with the officers from Science and Technology Park, Pune, for exploring ideas about building an innovation ecosystem and culture in Jammu and Kashmir.

Pertinently, Science and Technology Park, Pune, one of the first Science and Technology Entrepreneurs Parks (STEPs) set up in 1986 by the National Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board (NSTEDB) of the Department of Science and Technology (DST), provides technology inputs for various governmental and industrial development projects, development of new technologies and its commercialization besides imparting need based high-end training.

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Chief Secretary listed out a few areas where the government of JK will be interested in and asked the UT officers to study the projects and services of STP which would be tailor-made to provide solutions to various issues.

He said that JK would like to partner in the application of new and existing technologies for specially made clean solutions to various pressing issues like biomass utilization, sewage treatment, plastics treatment, Kangri design and house construction.

Investments in J&K will create 3-4 lakh jobs: Chief Secretary said that as JK comprises around 55 percent of forest area, it produces a large quantity of biomass and would require modern technological interventions to be introduced for capitalizing on this low hanging fruit and conversion into some form of energy.

He said that the second area of interest would be converting plastics into a usable commodity as plastics don’t gel with the beauty of Kashmir.

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Dr Mehta also emphasized developing a people-friendly Kangri design saying that the present design of Kangri has numerous disadvantages causing several mishaps in the past.

He said that JK needs some immediate scientific interventions that would help in sewage treatment during the Amarnath Yatra where more than six lakh pilgrims are expected to visit this year.

Chief Secretary added that business incubation and entrepreneurship development besides skill training and awareness programs will be another area of interest.

Investments in J&K will create 3-4 lakh jobs: CS

Investments in J&K will create 3-4 lakh jobs: CS

He directed the officers from JK to study the cyber critical technology development and S&T innovation programmes and funding in line with National Initiative for Developing and Harnessing Innovators to support entrepreneurs and innovators from the idea stage to the scale-up stage.

Investments in J&K will create 3-4 lakh jobs: Chief Secretary said that knowledge partnering with STP will be a milestone towards great learning as they would be bringing in technologies that are currently ahead of normal technologies.

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