JK Students Association Writes To PM Modi To Revoke Sedition Charges Against Three Kashmiri Students

JK Students Association Writes To PM Modi To Revoke Sedition Charges Against Three Kashmiri Students

SRINAGAR: The Jammu and Kashmir Students Association on Monday wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to drop sedition charges and FIR against three Kashmiri students arrested in Agra.

In a statement, National Spokesperson of Association Nasir Khuehami said that three Kashmiri students pursuing civil Engineering in Raja Balwant Singh Engineering Technical College Agra, Uttar Pradesh have been suspended by college authorities and were later booked under Sedition Charges and FIR by Agra Police (Uttar Pradesh) for uploading WhatsApp status in favour of Pakistan after India Pakistan T20 Cricket match.

He said, “Action against the Kashmiri students is totally arbitrary and unwarranted. It may be offensive but not illegal in any way. if they wrote any provocative thing on social media which hurt the sentiments of people, that is wrong and unjustified, but college authorities already clarified that they uploaded WhatsApp congratulatory message but didn’t shout any objectional and controversial slogan.”

The spokesperson emphasised that the charges of sedition and FIR are very harsh punishments that will not only ruin their careers but also alienate them.

“These harsh charges on mere WhatsApp status will have serious consequences on the academic and future career of the students. It may have serious repercussions, psycho-somatic consequences on the students both in the long term and short term. Slapping Sedition on them will put their career and whole parents resources at stake,” he emphasized.

The spokesperson urged the Prime Minister that instead of reacting with harsh decisions, everyone needs to reach out to the accused and counsel them.

“No doubt they made this mistake, but we hope that they will be given a chance to return to studies and their future should not destroyed in the larger interest of the country. The students who go to other states of the country do so for serious studies and not just to pass time there. They have nothing to do with politics,” added the statement.

National General Secretary of Association Younus Rashid said that, “Government should give a chance to the students to restore their faith in the ethical standing and the fair constitution of India, so that their futures are preserved. Reconciliation with the students is the only way to further the cause of engaging with the students of Jammu and Kashmir. Government should give amnesty to the students who have posted objectionable comments.”

Rashid requested Prime Minister Narendra Modi to take immediate steps to resolve the issue on humanitarian grounds and revoke Sedition Charges and FIR against them, so that their future is preserved.