Postpone GATE 2022 – 91% students want exam postponed: Survey

Postpone GATE 2022 – 91% students want exam postponed: Survey

Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering, GATE exam has become a boiling topic over the last few days. Postpone GATE 2022 is what is being demanded by many aspirants, shifting the narrative of the exam to ‘Students vs IIT Kharagpur.’ Since the issue was trending on social media, we decided to conduct a poll to understand better.

The results of the poll related to postponement of GATE 2022 suggest that nearly 91% students want the exam to be postponed. The primary reason is direct and simple, that the COVID-19 third wave is a big risk and hence, the exam should be held at a later date. Read on to know the complete findings.

Postpone GATE 2022: Observations from the Survey

To understand the matter of ‘#Postponegate2022’, Times Now conducted a survey on January 18, 2022. It was in the form of a Poll and the question was – Should GATE 2022 be postponed? Over 20,000 respondents chose from 3 options and casted their votes. The results are as follows:

  1. Out of these 20k people, nearly 91% chose option 1 and want the exam to be postponed. They believe that the probable COVID third wave is a risk and the exam should be held once it has subsided.
  2. About 6.6% respondents wanted GATE 2022 not to be postponed. The exact reasons are not known but they want the exam to be held as per schedule.
  3. The third option of “only fully vaccinated students to be allowed to give the exam,” was chosen by only 2.1% respondents.
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With this survey, the conclusion is clear that Postpone GATE 2022 is the primary demand from aspirants. Till now, IIT Kharagpur has not given made any official communication on this. The exam dates continue to remain unchanged and it will be held on February 5, 6, 12 and 13, 2022. Stay tuned here and on for latest updates on the exam. 

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