Property Tax likely to be imposed by Govt in J&K from This month

The Jammu and Kashmir government is likely to impose property tax from April 1.

The proposal regarding implementation of property tax in J&K is under consideration and formal order to clear the confusion will be issued soon by the govt.

How the tax will be levied on the residential and commercial buildings in the region is yet to be made clear by the local administration, the report said.

But, the sources has said that it is going to be impose in J-K from Ist of April, the report added.

Earlier, the local residents and opposition parties along with the regional BJP unit of J&K showed their angst and carried protest demonstrations against the tax, the report further said.

The locals are already aggrieved by the smart meters recently installed by the govt and now ‘property tax’ is going to be a bone of contention for them, the report added.

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