School Education Department sacks 2 more teachers

SED sacks 2 more teachers

Srinagar: The School Education Department (SED) has sacked two more teachers from services for prolonged unauthorised absence from duty.

The termination spree has continued for the last three months in the department after the sacked teachers remained absconding from their duties.

With the termination of two more teachers, the number of teachers sacked by SED has reached 32.


The termination orders have been issued by the Director of School Education Kashmir (DSEK) according to the decision of the committee in terms of Article 113 of J&K Civil Services Rules (Volume I) of 1956 and Rule 30 (VII) of J&K CCA Rules 1956.

The two teachers who have been terminated from their services include one from Baramulla and another from the Kulgam district.

As per the order issued by the DSEK, Abdul Majeed Khan (RRT), posted in Government Middle School Shirpora has been terminated for remaining unauthorisedly absent from his legitimate duties from September 3, 2105.

“The teacher was provided opportunities by the DDO concerned to resume his duties which he failed to avail. The teacher was provided another opportunity to be heard and was directed to present himself before the Directorate along with a statement of defense within seven days from the date of issuance of the notice,” the order reads. “Neither did the teacher present himself before this Directorate nor responded to the notices, indicating thereby that he is not interested to work in this department.”

The issue was placed before the designated committee in its meeting held on December 29, 2020.

“After examining the case the committee decided that the process for termination of services under Article 128 J&K CSR be initiated against the teacher,” the order reads.

Referring to the government regulations, DSEK in its order said that remaining unauthorisedly absent from duties attracts action as warranted in terms of Article 113 and Article 128 of J&K Civil Services Rules (Volume 1) of 1956.

“After five years of continuous absence on leave, an officer is considered to be an out-of-state employee. Absence without leave or after the end of leave involves loss of appointment,” the DSEK order reads.

“Abdul Majeed Khan is hereby removed from the government service in terms of Article 128 of J&K Civil Services Rules (Volume 1) of 1956 and rule 30 (vii) of J&KCCA rules 1956,” it said.

In a separate order, the department terminated Dilshada Akhter, a teacher who was posted at Middle School Brazloo, Kulgam.

“Dilshada Akhter applied for 10 days leave on the medical ground but was not sanctioned due to non-production of requisite documents and remained unauthorisedly absent from duties from March 23, 2015,” the order reads.


The department order reads that the teacher was provided enough opportunities to resume her duties by the concerned drawing and disbursing officer.

“She neither responded to the notices nor resumed her duties. Remaining unauthorisedly absent from duties attracts action as warranted in terms of Article 128 of J&K Civil Services Rules (Volume I) of 1956,” the order reads.

Talking to Greater Kashmir, Principal Secretary SED Bishwajit Kumar Singh said that the termination of teachers was obvious after they remained absent or absconded from their duties for five years.

“Once they remain absconding from duties, it is understood that they do not want this job. So they receive the termination order,” he said.

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