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BQE SOFTWARE Jobs Recruitment 2023 Check Vacancy, Last Date, Qualification 

BQE SOFTWARE Jobs Recruitment 2023 Check Vacancy, Last Date, Qualification 

Senior Database Administrator

Job Overview:

vulnerabilities promptly.

3. Performance Tuning:

Identify and resolve database performance bottlenecks across on-premises and cloud databases

Optimize SQL queries and database configurations to enhance system efficiency

Implement and optimize caching mechanisms to improve query response times

4. Troubleshooting and Issue Resolution:

Diagnose and resolve database-related issues, including errors and outages

Collaborate with the Ops team to resolve database- related incidents and problems promptly

Create and maintain documentation for troubleshooting procedures for on-premises and cloud databases

5. Database Design and Architecture:

Assist in designing new database systems and data models, considering both on-premises and cloud solutions

Evaluate and recommend database technologies and tools for optimal Ensure scalability and future proofing of database


As a Senior Database Administrator (DBA) with 8-10 years of experience, you will be responsible for overseeing and maintaining the organization’s database systems, including both on-premises and cloud-based solutions. This role requires a deep understanding of database management, Cloud Database systems, optimization, and security practices to ensure efficient and secure data storage and retrieval.


Bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology, or a related field

8-10 years of experience as a Database Administrator

Strong proficiency in on-premises and cloud-based database management systems

Expertise in SQL and database query optimization

Knowledge of database security and compliance standards

Experience with on-premises and cloud database design and architecture with AWS and Azure

Scripting and automation skills (eg., PowerShell, Python, etc.) Familiarity with cloud-based database services (e.g., RDS,

Azure SQL Database) Strong problem-solving and troubleshooting skills

Excellent communication and teamwork skills

Relevant certifications in on-premises and cloud-based databases are a plus (e.g., AWS Certified Database Specialty, Microsoft Certified: Azure Database Administrator, etc.) KSA

Key Responsibilities:

1. Database Management:

Design, implement, and maintain robust on-premises and cloud database systems like MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, AWS RDS, Azure SQL Database especially


Monitor and optimize database performance ensure high availability and responsiveness

Perform routine backups and disaster recovery planning

Ensure data integrity and consistency through routine data quality checks

2. Database Security:

Implement and enforce database security protocols to protect sensitive information, including data stored in the cloud.

Manage user access and permissions for on-premises and cloud databases and perform regular security audits. Stay updated on security best practices for both

on-premises and cloud environments and address

6. Automation and Scripting:

Develop scripts and automation processes to streamline database administration tasks

Implement monitoring tools to proactively detect and resolve issues

Ensure efficient database backup and recovery procedures

Data Migration and Upgrades:

Plan and execute database migrations and upgrades,

Whether transitioning from on-premises to cloud or between cloud providers

Test and validate data integrity after migrations for both

on-premises and cloud databases Coordinate with development teams to minimize

downtime during migrations

8. Compliance and Reporting:

Ensure compliance with data protection regulations and

industry standards Generate reports on database performance, usage, and

security compliance Work with auditors during compliance audits

9. Team Collaboration:

Collaborate across functions to ensure the smooth operation database systems

Mentor and provide guidance to junior DBAs

Participate in on-call support as needed

Please send resumes to [email protected]

Last date of application- November 6th 2023.

In case of queries please contact

HR Department-6006751872

BQE SOFTWARE Jobs Recruitment 2023 Check Vacancy, Last Date, Qualification 

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