Dangal actress Zaira Wasim defends woman eating in Niqab; says totally ‘my choice’

Zaira Wasim reacts to picture of woman eating in niqab: ‘Ate exactly like this, purely my choice’

New Delhi: Young actress Zaira Wasim, who starred in the film ‘Dangal’, announced her retirement from acting in 2019. She said that Bollywood was getting in the way of her worship, which was her ultimate goal. She often shares her wisdom on spiritual matters on social media. The once-famous actress is again in the spotlight because of her recent tweet. Zaira Wasim responded to a follower’s tweet showing a woman eating with her hand while still wearing the full-face niqab.

Someone posted a photo of a Muslim woman wearing a niqab as she ate. The photo was uploaded with the questioning text “Is this a choice of a human being?” Zaira Wasim slammed him, explaining that the decision was ultimately hers.

Ex-actress Zaira Wasim has a sizable Twitter presence, with 306.8K followers. She has publicly backed the woman and wrote, “Just attended a wedding. Ate exactly like this. Purely my choice. Even when everyone around me kept nagging me that I take the niqab off. I didn’t.” She further went on to add, “We don’t do it for you. Deal with it.”

Most of her Twitter followers were on her side, but a few pointed out that it was perfectly fine to take off the niqab while eating.

A year ago, Zaira also spoke about the controversy surrounding wearing a hijab. She tweeted a long note, saying, “The inherited notion of hijab being a choice is an ill informed one. It’s often either a construct of convenience or ignorance. Hijab isn’t a choice but an obligation in Islam. Likewise a woman who wears the hijab is fulfilling an obligation enjoined upon her by the God she loves and has submitted herself to. I, as a woman who wears the hijab, with gratitude and humility, resent and resist this entire system where women are being stopped and harassed for merely carrying out a religious commitment.”

In 2020, Zaira asked her admirers to remove all of her photos from social media, when she was attempting a fresh start. She announced her decision of quitting Bollywood after filming ‘The Sky Is Pink’ due to reported issues with her religious views.

Kashmiri native Zaira Wasim made her Bollywood debut in 2016 with Aamir Khan’s ‘Dangal’. She portrayed the young wrestler Babita Phogat

Zaira Wasim had quit Bollywood in 2019. She has now penned a strong reaction on her Twitter account after a user questioned a woman who was eating with her niqab on. In the photo, the is seen eating food with her right hand while holding her niqab with her left hand. The picture was shared with the caption, “Is this a choice of a human being?”

Reacting to the tweet, Zaira Wasim replied, “Just attended a wedding. Ate exactly like this. Purely my choice. Even when everyone around me kept nagging me that I take the niqab off. I didn’t. We don’t do it for you. Deal with it (sic).”

In June 2019, Zaira Wasim took to Facebook to write a detailed note to announce that she had quit acting for religious reasons. She wrote that she has realised that “though I may fit here perfectly, I do not belong here”.

“Five years ago, I made a decision that changed my life forever. As I stepped my foot in Bollywood, it opened doors of massive popularity for me. I started to become the prime candidate of public attention, I was projected as the gospel of the idea of success and was often identified as a role model for the youth. However, that’s never something that I set out to do or become, especially with regards to my ideas of success and failure, which I had just started to explore and understand,” Wasim said in the lengthy post

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