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Dr. Naveed Nazir Shah Calms Concerns Over ‘Walking Pneumonia,’ Emphasizes General Preventive Measures Against Infection

Valley’s Top Pulmonologist Dr. Naveed Nazir Shah Plays Down ‘Walking Pneumonia’ Scare, Urges for General Precautionary Measures To Avoid Infection


Asif Iqbal

Srinagar, Nov 27 (GNS): As the ‘walking pneumonia’ scare has raised its head in China, the people globally and in Kashmir valley alike are caught in a frenzy with most of the people due to psychosis and less knowledge seeing the pathogen as some reminiscent of Covid19. However, valley’s top Pulmonologist Naveed Nazir Shah has played down the severity of the infection, urging people to take precautionary measures as to protect themselves from the infection of the kind or any other kind leading to respiratory tract infections.

Talking to GNS, Dr. Naveed Nazir Shah said that the type of Pneumonia reported in China predominantly infects children, adding while the cause being ascertained, it be the strains of influenza only which may be responsible for its spread.

“Though any age group can get infected, the children are nonetheless more prone to the infection”, Dr. Naveed remarked.

The symptoms of the infection, the known Pulmonologist says, include persistent cough, fever, sore throat which may lead to extended symptoms.

“It is a normal flu-like condition where the patient may feel down as with any viral infection in the respiratory tract”, says Dr. Naveed.

Asked about the necessary precautions, Dr. Naveed Shah that people need to take general measures like putting masks on their faces, washing hands with soap or sanitizer every time they touch any soiled surface, covering their faces while coughing or sneezing and drinking properly boiled water.

“The best way to prevent the different respiratory infections like Walking Pneumonia or any such pathogen is to isolate the person who has any type of the symptoms’ as all family members tend to sit in the same room to maintain warmth given the prevailing chilly weather conditions”, Dr. Naveed said.

Notably, in response to the evolving public health situation in China, the Union Health Ministry of India has taken a proactive stance by initiating a comprehensive review of preparedness measures against respiratory illnesses. The health ministry has already issued advisories to all states and Union territories, urging them to immediately reassess and reinforce public health and hospital preparedness measures. (GNS)

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