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Innovative Farming Triumph: Abdul Majeed’s Journey to Agricultural Success in Ramban

Innovative Farming Triumph: Abdul Majeed’s Journey to Agricultural Success in Ramban

RAMBAN, DECEMBER 29 (KB): In the heart of Gandhri Block, Ramban District, emerges a tale of agricultural brilliance as Abdul Majeed, a progressive farmer, redefines success through pioneering innovation. Over the last five years, Majeed’s commitment to cutting-edge farming techniques has not only doubled his annual income but has set a precedent for sustainable agriculture in the region.

Majeed’s approach includes the establishment of a state-of-the-art powerhouse for protected cultivation, ensuring a consistent yield, and shielding crops from adverse weather conditions. His implementation of advanced practices has doubled his income from Rs. 2.70 lakh to an impressive Rs. 5.60 lakh.

Committed to sustainability, Abdul Majeed has established a vermicompost unit for the proper decomposition of Farm Yard Manure (FYM), championing organic farming and enriching the soil with essential nutrients. This success story not only underscores the tangible benefits of embracing innovation in agriculture but also stands as an inspiration for fellow farmers in the district.

Abdul Majeed credits his success to the support from the Agricultural Department, working under the overall guidance of Deputy Commissioner Baseer-Ul-Haq Chaudhary. The department’s initiatives, coupled with Majeed’s commitment, have contributed to fostering sustainable farming practices and boosting the agricultural landscape.

Majeed actively participates in training programs organized by the Agricultural Department, staying abreast of the latest advancements and contributing to the success of his farming operations. Expressing gratitude, Abdul Majeed highlights the pivotal role played by the Agricultural Department in empowering farmers and creating an environment conducive to agricultural innovation.

The Agricultural Department in Ramban remains dedicated to promoting sustainable agriculture and supporting farmers like Abdul Majeed. Through various initiatives, the department aims to enhance productivity and economic well-being in the district.

Abdul Majeed’s story serves as a symbol of prosperity, showcasing excellence in agricultural practices on his 0.7-hectare land. His commitment to quality and diversification, including Maize, Oats, Oilseeds, Vegetables, Walnut, Mushroom, Milching Cows, Vermicompost, Anardana, Bee Colonies, Pear, Apple, Backyard Poultry, and Flower Cultivation, is a testament to the transformative power of innovative and sustainable farming.–(Kashmir Bulletin)

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