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J&K Advertisement For Engagement Of Imaams, Khateebs & Muazzins


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The Jammu & Kashmir Waqf Board is facing a shortage of well-qualified Imaams, Khateebs, and Muazzins at most of the Shrines & Mosques under its control.

Furthermore, some of the current Imaams & Khateebs posted at some Shrines are too advanced in age to carry out their duties effectively.

Representations received from the general public also highlight the demand for the appointment of well-qualified Imaams, Khateebs and Muazzins. Taking into consideration the aforementioned factors and the feedback from the general public, the J&K Waqf Board under the instructions of the Hon’ble Chairperson has decided to appoint well-qualified Imaams, Khateebs, and Muazzins. Accordingly, applications are invited from interested candidates for the position of Imaams, Khateebs, and Muazins.

Eligibility Criteria for Imaams& Khateebs:

1. Proficient in “Tajweed-o-Makharij” of the Quran-ul-Qareem, having studied
from a recognized institute and being an excellent “Qari”.

2. Should have at least 10th – Grade Education, holding Molvi Faazil Certificate Course from a Sunni Hanfi Institute. Preference will be given to candidates with a Mufti course background.

8th Pass Helpers/AAYAs Recruitment 2023, Eligibility, Last Date, Application form

3. Capable of discussing various matters in light of the Holy Quran and Sunnah.

4. They should use the teachings of the Sufiyah-e-Kiraam as a reference for their
preaching and practice.

5. Should be well-updated about social issues & religious matters at both national and international levels.

6. Should have broad knowledge of past and current uloom (religious sciences) as well as modern subjects and relevant fields.

7. Should possess virtues of honesty, good character, and effective communication skills, while also being proficient at influencing, leading, motivating, and able to inspire while propagating teachings.

8. Should abstain from sectarian matters and instead promote a message of peace and harmony in the community.

9. Should have thorough understanding of Fiqh matters in light of the Quran and
Hadith & have unquestionable Sunni faith & Aqeedah.

10. Preference for leading the five daily prayers shall be given to individuals who are Hafiz-e-Quran and possess proficiency in “Tajweed-o-Makharij”.

11. Candidates with both Faazil and Mufti degrees shall be preferred both as Imaams & Khateebs.

12. If an individual is not an Aalim, Faazil, or Mufti but desires to deliver religious
sermons, he must possess a degree in M.A. Arabic/Islamic Studies as well as shall
possess substantial knowledge in Fiqh matters.

Eligibility Criteria for Muazzins:
13. Must possess a clear and pleasant voice, and be an adept Qari with proper
pronunciation that can be distinctly heard by the congregation. As Muazzins
may be called upon to lead prayers in the absence of an Imaam, they should also
broadly fulfill the criteria established for Imaams.

The appointment of Imaams, Khateebs, and Muazzins shall initially be temporary for a period of six months. After this initial six-month period, and based on performance during the successful probationary term, as well as recommendations from the appointed committee, further extensions may be granted. The suitable remuneration of the appointed candidates shall be decided by the appointed committee of the Board in consultation with selected candidates. The application of the candidates shall be examined by a screening committee, and shortlisted candidates shall be interviewed by a panel of experts for final selection.

Candidates can submit their applications, duly attached with the required documents and two recent passport-size photographs, until 9th September 2023 (by 3:00 pm) at the office of the Executive Magistrate (Tehsildar), J&K Waqf Board, Sonwar, Srinagar.


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