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J&K Weather Outlook for next 7 days, know details here

Weather Update: 19th – 28th March 2024


Heading into Spring: Mixed Weather Patterns Expected

As we transition into the latter half of March, a varied weather outlook awaits residents of Jammu and Kashmir. Here’s a breakdown of the expected weather conditions for the upcoming week:

19th – 20th March:
Expect predominantly dry weather across the region during these two days. Residents can anticipate stable conditions with no significant precipitation forecasted.

21st – 22nd March:
Cloud cover will dominate the skies, accompanied by the likelihood of light to moderate rain or snowfall at numerous locations. Thunderstorms, lightning, and gusty winds are expected over the plains of both Kashmir and Jammu Division, adding a dynamic element to the weather.

23rd March:
A return to generally dry weather is predicted for the 23rd, offering a temporary respite from the precipitation of the previous days.

24th March:
The weather on the 24th is anticipated to be partly to generally cloudy, with the possibility of light rain or snowfall at a few places. While not as intense as earlier in the week, residents should remain prepared for potential wet conditions.

25th – 26th March:
Once again, dry weather is forecasted for these two days, providing an opportunity for outdoor activities or travel without the interference of precipitation.

27th – 28th March:
The latter part of the week may see a return of partly to generally cloudy skies, accompanied by light rain or snowfall at scattered locations. While not widespread, residents should remain vigilant and prepare accordingly for any inclement weather.

As we approach the end of March, a mix of dry spells and precipitation is expected across Jammu and Kashmir. While some days will offer stable conditions, others may bring rain, snow, and accompanying weather phenomena. Residents are advised to stay updated on the latest weather forecasts and exercise caution when venturing outdoors, particularly during periods of inclement weather.

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