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J&K Weather Update: check latest weather forecast for next 7 days

Weather Update: 23rd February 2024

– No significant weather activity is expected until the evening of 26th February.
– From 27th to 28th February, there’s a possibility of light to moderate rain/snow at many places.
– On 29th February, isolated places may experience light rain/snow.
– 1st-3rd March: Anticipate light to moderate rain/snow at most places, with heavy rain/snow in isolated middle and higher reaches on 2nd and 3rd March. Detailed information will be shared at the appropriate time.

Advisory ⚠:
Due to heavy to very heavy snowfall in some middle and higher reaches, the following precautions are advised:

1. Travelers/Tourists:
– Follow administrative and traffic police advisories.
– Stay informed about the latest weather conditions and plan your travel accordingly.

2. General Public in Hilly Areas:
– Avoid venturing into avalanche-prone areas and sloping terrains.
– Pay attention to avalanche warnings and advisories.

3. Landslides/Mudslides:
– There’s a potential for landslides, mudslides, and shooting stones at certain locations.
– Exercise caution and stay updated on local alerts.

Meteorological Situation:
– A strong likelihood of adverse weather conditions, particularly in middle and higher reaches.
– Continuous monitoring of meteorological updates is crucial for timely response and safety measures.

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In summary, residents and visitors are urged to stay informed through official channels, adhere to advisories, and exercise caution during this period of forecasted weather fluctuations. Your safety is paramount, and proactive measures can help mitigate potential risks associated with the anticipated weather patterns.

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KSA Web Desk
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