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JKBOSE Class 10th Science Guess Paper 2024-25 Download PDF

JKBOSE Class 10th Science Paper 2024 Download PDF


The class 10th JKBOSE science paper usually comprises of physics, chemistry and biology sections carrying 40-45 marks each. The total marks are around 90-100 with the exam duration being 3 hours.

The question paper format generally includes:

– Multiple Choice Questions – 15 marks

– Short Answer Type Questions I – 12 marks

– Short Answer Type Questions II – 10 marks

– Long Answer Type Questions – 32 marks

– Internal Assessment – 20 marks

– Practical Assessment – 30 marks

Expected Topics in Dawn Academys JKBOSE Class 10th Science Guess Paper 2024:


– Light – Reflection, refraction, lenses, dispersion, scattering

– Human Eye – Functioning, defects, corrections

– Electricity – Electric circuits, magnetic effects of current

– Sources of Energy – Conventional and non-conventional

– Sound – Propagation, reflection, range of hearing


– Chemical Reactions – Types, balancing equations

– Acids, Bases and Salts – Properties, reactions, pH scale

– Metals and Non-metals – Physical and chemical properties, reactivity series

– Carbon Compounds – Nomenclature, properties, uses

– Periodic Classification – Trends in groups and periods


– Nutrition – Balanced diet, digestion, food nutrients

– Transportation – Heart, blood circulation

– Respiration – Human respiratory system, breathing, gaseous exchange

– Excretion – Kidneys, human excretory system

– Control and Coordination – Nervous system, reflex action

– Reproduction – Human reproductive organs, fertilization

– Environment – Eco system, food chains, ecological balance

The guess paper will serve as an important resource for exam preparation if students solve it thoroughly and work on their weak areas. They should also solve sample papers, previous years papers and model papers besides studying from textbooks.

Tips to Use Dawn Academy’s Science Guess Paper Effectively:

– Download the PDF as soon as it is available and go through it in detail.

– Highlight the important questions and make note of the topics covered.

– Identify your strong and weak topics and devote more time to your weak areas.

– For strong topics, practice questions from guess paper to assess your speed and accuracy.

– Seek guidance from teachers if you have any conceptual doubts.

– Appear for periodic mock tests of all topics using the guess paper.

– Revise formulas, definitions, diagrams and experiments thoroughly.

Dawn Academy’s science guess paper for JKBOSE class 10th exams 2024 will prove extremely valuable for students’ exam preparations if utilized properly along with other resources. It will provide crucial insights into the exam pattern and important questions likely to be asked in the exam.

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JKBOSE 10th Science PDF Download

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