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Minimum Temperatures Recorded Today in Jammu Kashmir & Ladakh

Temperature Snapshot Across the Kashmir Region, Jammu, and Ladakh Today


Date: January 5, 2024: As winter continues to grip the northern regions of India, the Kashmir Valley, Jammu, and Ladakh are experiencing varying degrees of cold temperatures. Today’s recorded minimum temperatures provide a glimpse into the chilly conditions residents are facing across these picturesque landscapes.

Kashmir Region: Embracing Sub-Zero Chill

1. Srinagar: Starting with the capital, Srinagar, the mercury dipped to -3.0°C, signaling a frosty morning for the city and its inhabitants.

2. Qazigund: Mirroring Srinagar’s temperature, Qazigund recorded -3.0°C, emphasizing the widespread cold spell in the region.

3. Pahalgam: Nestled in the lap of the Himalayas, Pahalgam experienced a colder morning at -4.5°C, providing a wintry scene for locals and visitors alike.

4. Kupwara: The temperature in Kupwara dropped to -2.6°C, contributing to the overall frigid atmosphere in the northern reaches of Kashmir.

5. Kokernag: With a reading of -2.0°C, Kokernag witnessed a chilly start to the day, adding to the diverse range of temperatures across the region.

6. Gulmarg: Famous for its snow-covered slopes, Gulmarg reported -3.5°C, attracting winter sports enthusiasts to its pristine landscapes.

7. Sonamarg: Known for its breathtaking meadows, Sonamarg recorded -4.0°C, creating a serene winter wonderland for those fortunate enough to witness it.

8. Anantnag, Ganderbal, Pulwama, Bandipora, Baramulla, Budgam, Kulgam, Shopian: Various other towns in the Kashmir Valley, including Anantnag, Ganderbal, Pulwama, Bandipora, Baramulla, Budgam, Kulgam, and Shopian, reported temperatures ranging from -1.5°C to -4.7°C, highlighting the widespread cold conditions in the region.

Jammu Region: A Mix of Cold and Mild

1. Jammu: Contrasting the sub-zero temperatures in Kashmir, Jammu experienced a relatively milder morning at 5.1°C, providing some relief from the biting cold.

2. Banihal, Batote, Katra, Bhaderwah, Kathua, Ramban, Reasi, Samba, Udhampur: Various towns in the Jammu region, such as Banihal, Batote, Katra, Bhaderwah, Kathua, Ramban, Reasi, Samba, and Udhampur, reported temperatures ranging from -0.4°C to 6.8°C, showcasing the diverse climate within the broader Jammu area.

Ladakh: Sub-Zero Realities

1. Leh and Kargil: Ladakh, known for its extreme winter conditions, saw Leh and Kargil recording -10.5°C and -8.5°C, respectively, underlining the harsh cold that residents in these high-altitude regions endure.

2. Drass: Unfortunately, specific temperature data for Drass was not available (NA), emphasizing the challenging conditions faced in one of the coldest inhabited places on Earth.

As winter maintains its firm grip across these regions, the recorded temperatures serve as a reminder of the resilience of the communities who call these beautiful yet challenging landscapes home. Whether it’s the enchanting snowscapes of Kashmir, the milder climate of Jammu, or the extreme cold of Ladakh, each region contributes to the rich tapestry of India’s diverse weather patterns.

Minimum Temperatures Recorded Today

Kashmir Region:

Srinagar = -3.0°C
Qazigund = -3.0°C
Pahalgam = -4.5°C
Kupwara = -2.6°C
Kokernag = -2.0°C
Gulmarg = -3.5°C
Sonamarg = -4.0°C
Anantnag = -3.8°C
Ganderbal = -2.3°C
Pulwama = -4.5°C
Bandipora = -2.7°C
Baramulla = -2.5°C
Budgam = -3.1°C
Kulgam = -1.5°C
Shopian = -4.7°C

Jammu Region:

Jammu = 5.1°C
Banihal = -0.4°C
Batote = 3.0°C
Katra = 6.1°C
Bhaderwah = 0.2°C
Kathua = 6.8°C
Ramban = 3.0°C
Reasi = 3.9°C
Samba = 2.5°C
Udhampur = 3.2°C


Leh = -10.5°C
Kargil = -8.5°C
Drass = NA


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