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New NCDC Core Committee Emphasizes Importance of Rainwater in Alleviating Water Scarcity

NCDC Core Committee Highlights Importance of Rainwater to Mitigate Water Scarcity


Srinagar: In a recent core committee meeting held by the National Child Development Council (NCDC), members emphasized the significance of rainwater storage as a crucial measure to combat water scarcity. The meeting, attended by prominent figures including Master Trainer Baba Alexander, Mohammad Rizwan, Radha Sajeev, Bindu, Shakeela Wahab, Sheeba PK, and Sudha Menon, shed light on the urgent need for water conservation particularly in Kerala and Bengaluru.

The NCDC issued a statement stressing the importance of collective efforts in water conservation, urging every individual to play their part by actively participating in rainwater collection initiatives. The committee members highlighted the challenges faced by farmers and the overall impact of water scarcity on the region, emphasizing the need to harness rainwater effectively.

Master Trainer Baba Alexander made an important point about how developed countries effectively utilize rainwater. He said that, “Farmers, in particular, face significant challenges due to water scarcity”.

To address this issue, he suggested collecting rainwater from rooftops using pipes and storing it in pits. “These concrete steps, along with other relevant measures, can help us tackle the water crisis,” Baba Alexander said.

Sudha Menon, one of the committee members, expressed the view that water is a precious natural resource that demands careful utilization. She emphasized the importance of seeking expert guidance to ensure the proper storage of rainwater and suggested organizing awareness events to educate the public.

Sheeba PK echoed the sentiment, emphasizing the role of government initiatives in raising awareness about rainwater preservation for future generations. She stressed the need for widespread awareness and education regarding the conservation of natural resources.

The committee members also discussed practical solutions, including the use of tanks to collect and store rainwater.

Notably, National Child Development Council (NCDC) is an autonomous national child welfare organization, established to promote the welfare of women and children, besides ensuring education of children in India.

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