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PUBG Mobile India download PUBG BGMI download Battleground Mobile India

PUBG Mobile India download PUBG BGMI download Battleground Mobile India
BGMI now playable in India: While it is good news for many Battlegrounds Mobile India fans that the game has made a return toIndia after about a year, the bad news is Krafton has implemented a time limit on the game. Here are all the details
BGMI now playable in India: Daily time limit for all, new map, in game events, rewards and more
  • BGMI game is now playable in India and users can download it.
  • Krafton has imposed a certain daily time limit for BGMI players.
  • The latest update of Battlegrounds Mobile India adds a new map and other features.

BGMI is now finally playable in India and interested users can head to app stores to down the Battlegrounds Mobile India game. While it is good news for many BGMI fans that the game has made a return to the country after about a year, the bad news is Krafton has implemented a time limit on the game. But, it is for good and the time limit seems sufficient for many. The developer has also introduced a new map along with other updates. Here are all the details.


BGMI imposes a daily time limit for players

Krafton has officially confirmed to the media that it has imposed a certain daily time limit for the players. The playtime for users under 18 years of age will be three hours and the rest of the players will be able to play Battlegrounds Mobile India for six hours on a daily basis. In addition to this, parental verification and daily spend limit for minors will also be there in the game.

BGMI gets a new map and other updates

-BGMI has unveiled a new map called Nusa in its latest update for India. It is a resort island located in a tropical zone and the map is the smallest among other ones. One of the interesting part about the map is that users will be able to regain energy in a swimming pool.

-The map features distinctive mechanisms such as Ziplines that players can use to move quickly across the island and, elevators that can be installed in hotel buildings in “New City.” It also features gameplay features such as zorb balls, a swimming pool, combustible buildings, and destructible jars.

-The new map also includes Super Recall, wherein, in duo/squad mode, players who die within a certain time can be recalled to the battlefield carrying a random weapon by any of their surviving teammates. In solo mode, players can be recalled automatically without a teammate’s help.

-The players will also see a new Tactical Crossbow to help them restore the zipline by using loop and put certain houses on fire by using fire arrows. Players can also shoot more accurately in mid and close range and fire shotgun bullets in peek and fire mode. The mode changes to the single shot when players scope-in.

-The newly released BGMI update introduces a new two-seater off-road ATV, which can move swiftly even in highly curvy terrains and has good stability ensuring that it doesn’t roll over easily.​

BGMI: New in-game events

The battlegrounds Mobile India players will see a new 7-day login event, which gives a permanent purple-grade underworld guardian set. There is also a 15-day progressive event giving out permanent pink-grade Badlands Punk outfits. The developer has also added a 10-day progressive event to offer users a permanent pink-grade sandstrom set. Lastly, a 15-day progressive event will also be there to provide users with a permanent pink-grade Noble Lineage set.

Rewards, premium skins

The latest BGMI update will offer different rewards, including season sunglasses, parachute, mask, cover, and pink-level full-set resources, as per the details provided by the company. The players will also see new premium skins – X-Suit: Stygian Liege X-Suit, Moondrop Eterna and Spectral Swan covers

The South Korean developer said on Monday that BGMI is returning with version 2.5 update, which features a fresh map, called Nusa, and upgraded weapons.

BGMI is returning to India as part of a three-month trial, the Indian Ministry of Electronics and IT said earlier this month. The ministry will be watching the game for any sign of disruptions, including its addictive nature. In response, Krafton said it will cap the gameplay at three hours daily for players under 18 and six hours for adults.

The reemergence of the game offers respite to the teeming millions of gaming enthusiasts in India who once crowned its predecessor, PUBG, as the nation’s favourite. That game was banned in mid-2020 amidst escalating geopolitical strains between India and China.

The resurgence of BGMI could open doors for some 300 other apps seeking re-entry into the Indian market. In a similar vein, Chinese fashion giant Shein has disclosed a new partnership with Indian conglomerate Reliance for its own market re-entry.

As for BGMI, Krafton said Nusa’s resort island features a new navigation mechanism, the ability to recall certain players who have died in certain conditions, and new vehicles including a two-seater.

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