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Release of Final Selection and Allocation for Class-IV Posts

Final Selection list-cum-Allocation of cardres & Department for remaining Clas-IV- posts under the provisions of the J&K Appointment to class-IV (special Recruitmnet) Rules 2020 advertised vide Notification No.01 of 2020 release of withheld case thereof.

The Jammu and Kashmir Public Works (R&B) Department has recently released the final selection list and allocation of cadres and departments for the remaining Class-IV posts under the J&K Appointment to Class-IV (Special Recruitment) Rules, 2020. This announcement comes after a meticulous selection process carried out by the J&K Services Selection Board and subsequent endorsements by the General Administration Department.

The selection process, initiated with Notification No. 01 of 2020 dated 26.06.2020, reached its culmination with the recommendations made by the J&K Services Selection Board in various notifications, including JKSSB/55/2022-05 (E-7048574) dated 03.10.2023, JKSSB- SD/38/2022-06 (E-7094885) dated 04.10.2023, JKSSB-SDOSECY (UT)/17/2022-01 dated 18.10.2023, and JKSSB-ADM/94/2023-03 (E-7296470) dated 18.10.2023. These recommendations were duly endorsed by the General Administration Department in an official memorandum (O.M. No. GAD/MTGORBIV/01/2023 – E-7098912) dated 04.01.2024.

The notice issued by the Public Works (R&B) Department highlights the next crucial step in the process, urging all selected candidates to approach the office of the Deputy Commissioner in their respective Domicile Districts for the final verification of their Character and Antecedents Report through the Criminal Investigation Department. This verification is in accordance with Circular Instructions issued by the General Administration Department through Circular No. 18-JK(GAD) of 2022 dated 20.05.2022, under endorsement No. GAD-MTGORBIV/9/2021-09-GAD dated 20.05.2022.

The emphasis on character and antecedent verification underscores the government’s commitment to maintaining transparency and integrity in the recruitment process. This additional step adds a layer of diligence to ensure that individuals selected for Class-IV positions uphold the standards of character and ethical conduct essential for public service roles.

Release of Final Selection and Allocation for Class-IV Posts Release of Final Selection and Allocation for Class-IV Posts

Moreover, involving the Criminal Investigation Department in the verification process reflects the government’s dedication to ensuring the highest level of scrutiny in the background check of candidates. This meticulous approach aims to instill confidence in the public regarding the credibility of the individuals selected for these crucial positions.

In conclusion, the recent developments in the selection process for Class-IV positions in the Jammu and Kashmir Public Works (R&B) Department demonstrate a commitment to a transparent, accountable, and thorough recruitment process. The collaboration between the J&K Services Selection Board, General Administration Department, and local authorities emphasizes the government’s dedication to selecting qualified individuals with impeccable character for public service roles.

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