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Salesman Jobs at Al-Noor Pharmacy Srinagar 

Salesman Jobs at Al-Noor Pharmacy Srinagar

New Airport Peerbagh, Opp. SBI Bank – Al-Noor Pharmacy & Polyclinic is actively searching for an experienced salesman to join their medical store team. The ideal candidate must possess proficiency in Marg Software, a crucial requirement for the role.Salesman Jobs at Al-Noor Pharmacy Srinagar 

In an effort to enhance their services, Al-Noor Pharmacy & Polyclinic is on the lookout for a qualified individual who can contribute to the success of the medical store. The position requires a salesman with prior experience and expertise in utilizing Marg Software.

Located strategically at New Airport Peerbagh, with easy accessibility opposite SBI Bank, the pharmacy aims to strengthen its team to better cater to the healthcare needs of the community. Interested candidates are encouraged to reach out promptly by contacting the pharmacy at the provided phone numbers: 6006021622 and 7006174834.

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This opportunity not only offers a chance to work in a dynamic medical environment but also provides a platform for individuals with a background in sales and familiarity with Marg Software to contribute to the growth of Al-Noor Pharmacy & Polyclinic.

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