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Transfer of Leave Reserve Posts, read order here

Transfer of Leave Reserve Posts vide Government Order No. 248-F of 2023 dated 23.12.2023

In a recent development, the Government of Jammu and Kashmir has issued Government Order No.248-F of 2023 on December 23, 2023, sanctioning the transfer of key financial positions within the government sector. This strategic move aims to optimize administrative resources and ensure a seamless drawl of salary for designated officers. The three officers involved in this transfer are Smt. Rifat Ara, Smt. Nimisha Anand, and Smt. Veena Devi Sol, who will assume roles crucial to financial management.

The decision to transfer one post of Financial Advisor & Chief Accounts Officer, one post of Chief Accounts Officer, and one post of Assistant Accounts Officer from the overall leave reserve quota indicates a proactive approach to resource management. This measure facilitates the continued functioning of essential financial roles while awaiting a formal adjustment against available posts.

Key Appointments:
1. Smt. Rifat Ara – Financial Advisor & Chief Accounts Officer:
Smt. Rifat Ara assumes the role of Financial Advisor & Chief Accounts Officer, bringing her expertise to the forefront. This pivotal position involves overseeing financial strategies and ensuring fiscal responsibility.

2. Smt. Nimisha Anand – Chief Accounts Officer:
Smt. Nimisha Anand takes on the role of Chief Accounts Officer, a position integral to maintaining financial integrity and transparency within the government’s financial operations.

Transfer of Leave Reserve Posts

3. Smt. Veena Devi Sol – Assistant Accounts Officer:
Smt. Veena Devi Sol steps into the position of Assistant Accounts Officer, contributing to the efficient management of financial records and transactions.

Implementation Timeline:
The transfer is effective from August 1, 2023, indicating a meticulous approach to ensure a smooth transition. The government has outlined that this arrangement will persist until a formal adjustment against available posts is completed.

Objective and Benefits:
The primary objective of this strategic transfer is to streamline administrative processes, particularly in the realm of financial management. By ensuring the continued drawl of salary for the designated officers, the government aims to maintain stability in financial operations during the transition period.

The government’s decision to transfer key financial positions under the leave reserve quota demonstrates a commitment to efficient resource utilization. Smt. Rifat Ara, Smt. Nimisha Anand, and Smt. Veena Devi Sol, in their respective roles, are poised to contribute significantly to the financial health of the government. This move sets a precedent for dynamic resource management within the administrative framework of Jammu and Kashmir.

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