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Weather Update in J&K for next 7 days, know latest weather advisory here

Weather Update and Advisory: Jammu & Kashmir (27.01.24)


In the past 24 hours, Jammu & Kashmir experienced light rain and snowfall at few higher reaches, setting the stage for a weather pattern that demands attention and preparedness. The forecast for the upcoming days reveals a mix of atmospheric conditions, urging residents and travelers to stay informed and plan accordingly.

Forecast Highlights:

– 27th Jan: The day is expected to be partly to generally cloudy, with the possibility of light snow at isolated higher reaches towards late evening.

– 28th-29th Jan: Generally cloudy skies prevail, bringing the potential for light to moderate rain and snow at many places.

– 30th-31st Jan: The risk intensifies with a likelihood of light to moderate rain and snow at various locations. Travelers are cautioned as this may lead to temporary closures of roads, particularly at higher reaches and important passes like Sinthan pass, Mughal Road, Sadhna & Razdan pass, Zojila, etc.

– 1st-3rd Feb: The trend continues with the possibility of light to moderate rain and snow persisting at many places, emphasizing the need for vigilant travel planning.


1. Road Closures: The weather system could prompt temporary closures of roads in higher reaches and crucial passes between 28th to 31st Jan. Key routes such as Sinthan pass, Mughal Road, Sadhna & Razdan pass, Zojila, may be affected. Travelers are advised to stay updated on road conditions and plan alternative routes if necessary.

2. Preparedness: Residents and travelers alike are urged to prepare for possible disruptions due to adverse weather conditions. Adequate arrangements for accommodation, warm clothing, and essentials should be in place.

3. Travel Planning: Those planning to travel during the forecasted period are advised to stay informed about the changing weather patterns. Flexibility in travel schedules and consideration of alternative routes are crucial for a safe and smooth journey.


As the weather unfolds its unpredictable nature, it is essential for everyone in the region to remain vigilant and follow official updates from meteorological departments. By staying informed and prepared, residents and travelers can navigate the challenges posed by the upcoming weather conditions in Jammu & Kashmir.

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