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Weather Update for Jammu and Kashmir from 15 to 24 December

Weather Update for Jammu and Kashmir (15.12.23)


As of the latest weather update for Jammu and Kashmir on December 15, 2023, the region is currently experiencing mainly clear conditions at most places. The forecast for the upcoming days provides valuable insights for residents and visitors alike.

Current Weather:
– Condition: Mainly clear at most places.
– Temperature: Observed minimum temperature data is attached, indicating the cold weather prevailing in the region.

1. 15th December: Expect mainly dry weather across Jammu and Kashmir.
2. 16th December: Anticipate generally cloudy conditions with a possibility of light snow over isolated higher reaches.
3.17-24th December: The forecast indicates mainly dry weather during this period, suggesting a continuation of dry and cold conditions over most places in J&K.

Additional Information:
– Fog: Shallow to moderate fog is likely to persist at many places in the Kashmir Division, affecting visibility in the region.

Meteorological Center’s Analysis:
The Meteorological Center signals that dry and cold weather is most likely to persist until the 24th of December across most areas of Jammu and Kashmir. This information is crucial for residents, travelers, and local authorities to plan and prepare accordingly.

As the region heads into the latter half of December, residents are advised to take necessary precautions to combat the cold weather, and travelers should stay informed about the changing weather conditions, especially if venturing into higher reaches where light snowfall is a possibility.

In summary, the weather in Jammu and Kashmir is expected to remain dry and cold with some variation in cloud cover and a chance of light snow in higher elevations. The observed minimum temperature data provides a snapshot of the current chilly conditions, emphasizing the need for vigilance and preparation during this winter period. Stay updated with local weather reports for any changes in the forecast.

Please note that weather conditions may change, and it is advisable to stay tuned to official meteorological updates for real-time information.

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